“Moms are Geeks too.” I’m a regular wife and a mother, but dont forget most importantly, I am Nadia, I am me.
As a wife and mother, we often lose ourselves to our everyday tasks being a wife and mother. I honestly would do it all over again for my husband and son because they are my world. Here comes the but, But boy what I wouldn’t give just to be able to have a little time to myself to embrace my individuality and not just be the wife and the mother. I’d love to finish reading my book I’ve been trying to finish “Scarlett” by Marissa Meyer, for the last 2 years or beat one of my favorite games “Castlevania, Lord of Shadows”, or even finish up all the million of anime shows I watch or begin only to end up barely being able to finish it. We as mothers and wives often find ourselves trying to fit time in for us as individuals at the end of the day when we are dead tired, just there looking for who we used to be. There are just traces left, we are still there, but just too tired to dig them out from the confines of our minds. Dont fret, there are lots of us out there, just like you. When we finally do find ourselves again, its always a good feeling. To be able to be that woman who can be that geek, mother, and wife is just awesome. It becomes us and we become it.

Often though Fathers, husbands, and boyfriends gets the title of “geek” when it comes to video games, anime shows, and books. In my house or I should say apartment, it’s both my husband and myself, I mean our freaking wedding was Beetlejuice themed and it was awesome. I play just as many video games as my husband and introduced him into the amazing world of anime and he can’t get enough. So why is it that they are the only ones with a big platform dedicated to them known as the geeks and the gamers? I mean we can be that too moms, wives, and girlfriends!! You all should join me weekly so we can discuss what we geek out about that we aren’t always able to get around to. What makes you geek out? Mine are obviously videogames, anime, books, and oh how I love coffee. I’d also like to mention I named our one and only son “Castiel.” Ha ha, my husband didnt know where it came from but loved it. If you’re anything like me, you know where that name came from. Let us have a discussion and geek out together and embrace what we have been missing.

“It’s over 9,000!!!”

Also, feedback and suggestions are always welcome!!